Wire Harness & JIG Rack

Custom wire harnesses, wire harness assemblies, and cable harnesses are the areas of expertise for Rantronics. The goal of our company is to offer complete options and reasonable costs to help our customers efficiently obtain orders, starting from initial bids and continuing through mass production and first piece samples.

Being a quick-to-respond wire harness maker, Rantronics guarantees prompt correspondence to answer client questions and demonstrate our capacity to fulfill certain demands. Our staff is committed to comprehending the various demands of our clients and fulfilling requests as soon as possible.

At Rantronics, we use an ISO system and a full management ERP to carefully monitor the manufacturing processes and Bill of Materials (BOM). We can effectively handle both basic and complex harness manufactures with this reliable system, guaranteeing on-time delivery.

Our inventory management system makes it possible to provide clients with prompt information about how long it will take to create the initial samples. Rantronics also specializes in-house at managing expensive and complicated wiring diagrams, offering a smooth transition from concept to finished design.

We can also custom-manufacture wire harnesses to exact requirements as part of our manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise lies in creating wire harness assemblies that satisfy the most exacting standards, guaranteeing a pristine installation and averting corrosion. We recognize how critical it is to follow precise specifications, irrespective of whether they include removing extraneous wiring, making room for a single-wire alternator, or modernizing an outdated harness.

Rantronics takes pride in its cost-effective approach to manufacturing, delivering high-quality custom-manufactured wire harnesses, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and pre-wired harnesses. Our commitment to excellence extends to the meticulous selection of wires, connectors, and cables, ensuring a super-clean look and optimal functionality in the final product.

Choose Rantronics for your custom wire harness assembly needs and experience the advantage of working with a manufacturer that prioritizes quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. We pay careful attention to the necessary parts and components, ensuring a complete and super-clean installation for each wire harness. Our manufacturing process is designed to plug seamlessly into the respective locations of your projects, meeting exacting specifications and delivering the highest quality terminals and connectors.

JIG Rack

Any product that has been developed needs a test system to ensure that all of the various product kinds are tested. Depending on the product being evaluated, a test jig can be utilised in a variety of ambient temperature ranges and scenarios. Our expertise lies in creating functional test jigs and burn-in jigs for the purpose of screening components used in automation, commercial, medical, and defense applications.

As a component of our evaluation tool, we create testing consoles that are used to track and manage a necessary system's operation. Consoles check the data both within and outside the test parameter ranges. We have created numerous test consoles for different purposes. Package test consoles and on-board HMC test jigs have been designed and built by Rantronics. We are a confident team with sufficient experience, designing, developing, testing, and analysing a variety of complex machinery.