EMS Solutions

Rantronics provides comprehensive electronics manufacturing services encompassing SMT and Through-Hole PCB assemblies to fully packaged products. We cater to both small batch and high-volume production needs, offering tested, QA-approved, and supply chain solutions. Our dedicated manufacturing team ensures timely delivery at the right price and top-notch quality for your products.

Our team of procurement experts actively searches global markets to secure the best deals on components, PCBs, and mechanical manufacturing.

We provide the following services with our Highly Experienced Technical Team & The Proven Processes

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Small Batch Prototyping
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Component Sourcing
  • PCB Assembly
  • Functional Testing
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Product Assembly
  • Ensuring Product Conformity
  • Documentation & Design Procedures to ISO 9001:2008
  • Test and QA
  • Packaging


  • Fine Pitch Assembly down to 01005/0201 Size Components
  • High Accuracy Placement down to 0.2mm Pitch Devices
  • Flex Circuit Assembly Expertise
  • Sequential Assembly for Systematic Board Bring-up
  • uBGA Assembly and Rework
  • BGA, uBGA Placement, Re-Balling & Rework
  • High Intensity X-Ray Inspection
  • IPC-A-610 Certified Engineers


  • 2500 Sqft ESD dust free workspace.
  • Automatic Screen Printer-EbyDek.
  • 3D-Solder paste Inspection system.
  • Pick & Place data- MYDATA MY300LX-11 with 16000CPH.
  • Reflow- JT 10 Zone +with Nitrogen ready - Lead free Oven.
  • Dry Cabinet- Dr.Storage for Humidity & temperature storage.
  • 7CH-Reflow profiler- KIC
  • JBC-Temeperature controlled soldering stations.
  • Capability of handling 0201 to IC, QFP, QFN BGA CSP's(Upto 0.2mm pitch)
  • Rework Stations
  • Baking Oven